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Sidewinder March 28, 2010 15:39

Running Fluent in the Background
I was wondering if anybody could tell me how to run fluent which is installed on a linux/unix machine in the background. From what I gather on the internet, the command nohup can be used. But you need an input file and output file.

The simulation is 3ddp and I have prepared the *.cas file for it. I know the number of interations is requires.

Please assist:)


-mAx- March 29, 2010 00:54

in a shell:
> fluent 3ddp -g

From the help:
Usage: fluent [version] [-help] [options]
-cl following argument passed to fluent,
-checknetwork check the network connections before spawning compute nodes,
-cxarg following argument passed to cortex,
-cx host:p1:p2 connect to the specified cortex process,
-driver [ opengl | x11 | null ],
sets the graphics driver (available drivers vary by platform),
-env show environment variables,
-g run without gui or graphics,
-gr run without graphics,
-gu run without gui,
-hcl following argument passed to fluent host,
-help this listing,
-i journal read the specified journal file,
-loadx load mpp from host x,
-lsf run fluent under LSF,
-manspa manually spawn compute nodes,
-n no execute,
-ncl following argument passed to fluent node,
-nocheck disable checks for valid license file and server,
-pathx specify root path x to Fluent.Inc,
-post run a post-processing-only executable,
-project x write project x start and end times to license log,
-px specify communicator x,
-r list all releases,
-rx specify release x,
-sge run fluent under Sun Grid Engine,
-sgeq queue name of queue for a given computing grid,
-sgeckpt ckpt_obj,
set Checkpointing object to ckpt_obj for SGE,
-sgepe fluent_pe min_n-max_n,
set parallel environment for SGE to fluent_pe,
min_n and max_n are number of min and max nodes requested,
-v list all versions,
-vx specify version x,
-tx specify number of processors x,
-cnf=x specify the host file

Sidewinder March 29, 2010 08:44

Thanks again mAx:)

But I want to start the procedure and logout. The problem is my university uses a SSH connection to the remote computer with Putty. But i want to start the process, let it run in the evening, LOG OUT and have the results in the morning. Now I need to be logged in.

the command is nohup. I am sure. But I dont know how to use it.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

-mAx- March 29, 2010 08:54

no idea, but maybe it can help you:

Chris D March 30, 2010 12:18

I'm relatively new to Linux myself, but there is a way to "detach" from an ssh session, and then "reattach" latter. (I'm not sure if that's the correct terminology.) Something like this:

DoHander March 30, 2010 14:28

Yes, it is, here is an example:

nohup fluent 2ddp -g -t4 -ssh -cnf=hostlist -i args.txt &

The above will launch Fluent on 4 machines (ip list in "hostlist") and it will execute the commands found in args.txt


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