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rohit_koolwal March 29, 2010 12:01

Radiation problem
Hi everyone!!!

I am simulating moderator flow over a nuclear fuel rod. I have taken an enclosure surrounding by 3 rods to make a polygon which has one inflow and one outflow. I have set velocity inlet at the inflow and pressure outlet BC at the outflow. At the surfaces a constant temperature of around 1200 K has been applied. DO radiation model has been used in the simulation. After performing the simulation I found that the radiative heat flux is small while the total heat flux is very large(order of 3 more). But at such a high temp. radiation should be the dominant mode of heat transfer(total heat flux should be approx. equal to radiative heat flux for each surface as convective heat will be very less as compared to radiative)??

I am perplexed looking at the result. Please help me out of this. I need to solve this simulation asap. In anticaipation of a reply !!!!

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