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fivos April 2, 2010 09:45

Moving mesh in Fluent
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Hi to everyone!

I would like to ask for some suggestions/assistance from more experienced Fluent users regarding moving boundaries. I have read the respective tutorial about the centrifugal pump, but I can't say that it is helpful for my case.

For the modeling I am using Gambit and as a solver I will use Fluent 12.1.

What I want to simulate is a single moving blade that performs translational motion and interacts with a water jet in air (see case.jpg, sorry for the picture quality but I have to conform with the 97 Kb upload limit). For the simulation of water/air I am going to use the VOF method, which is something that I am relatively familiar with.

I want some advice on how to define the moving wall. What I have thought initially is to define two different domains, one moving and one stationary, as in domain.jpg. How exactly do I have to set this up ?

- First the two domains have to be connected or disconnected ? This means that the red edge (interface) in domain.jpg should be common or not (this will affect the mesh generation later) ?

- After that how will I define in fluent the interface between the two domains? There is an option for Grid Interfaces, where I guess I will have to link the edge of the moving mesh to the edge of the stationary mesh (but this applies for the unconnected domains, where each domain has its own interface edge). The mesh motion will be set for the moving domain as a translation velocity. Do I need to define moving walls for the wall boundary conditions?

- Is there any way to simulate this with a dynamic mesh that will adapt to the moving walls, instead of using two different domains? How I should setup in this case?

Apart from fluent, I can use CFX too (I am more familiar with fluent though). So if you have any suggestions for the simulation using CFX, they are welcome too.

Any ideas will be appreciated. Thank you in advance

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