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baggiojr April 7, 2010 15:26

CFD problem of 3d flat plate
Dear All,

I'm a university student, and I'm now doing a project which use Fluent to analyse a 3d flat plate, however, the result of "Turbulent kinetic energy" is very different from the 2d. The highest value of TKE contour is 2.4 at 2d, but 0.9 at 3D (I use center of the foil as 3d reference). While the pressure contour is similar.

Here is the details,

- a 9in x 24in x 0.2in ( W x D x H ) flat plate, AOA 10 deg
- viscous model : standard K-e, all use default value
- 5 m/s velocity (from front to rear, use velocity inlet and outflow)
- velocity inlet with 1% turbulence intensity and 0.01m turbulence length
- solution method : SIMPLEC; Momentum, Turbulent kinetic energy and turbulent dissipation rate: second order upwind.

The worse thing is I don't know I'm correct or not, because no reference for me to compare, I could only compare with my 2d result.

Another question, do I need to input the reference values (area, length)? Is it use to calculate the CL, CD, RE....?

Please help, thanks a lot!~

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