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caohan April 8, 2010 09:54

How to find the separation point in fluent
Hi all
I am a newbie for using fluent, now I am doing a 2D airfoil simulation. Now,as the separation happen,I need to determine the position of separation point. some people said by using wall shear stress can calculate that point, is that right, can somebody explains for me more specificly.

Thanks for all

jack1980 April 8, 2010 13:30

One possibility is to look where the wall shear stress is zero.

Plot -> XY Plot
Select: Wall Fluxes ...
Select: Wall Shear Stress
Under Surfaces: select your airfoil

This will generate a xy-plot, in which the y=0 indicates separation. It works for a 2D case (for a 3D it is also possible, not with xy-plot but with a contour plot of Wall Shear Stress).

caohan April 8, 2010 13:43

Hi Jack1980
Thank you for your reply, a very clear explanation for me.

jack1980 April 8, 2010 13:48

You're welcome, good luck with your simulation!

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