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fivos April 10, 2010 15:46

Fluent 12.1 on Linux x64 Architecture Issue
Hi to everyone!

I have access to a ANSYS 12.1 x64 on a PC with Ubuntu 8.10 x64. Fluent was working fine, but I have messed up with the FLUENT_ARCH environment variable and now fluent does not work.

When I try to run fluent I get the following message in terminal :

Unable to determine machine architecture.
Set the environment variable FLUENT_ARCH and try again.

I understand that it was a really dumb thing what I did playing with the environment variables, but can anyone help me now? What should be the correct value for this variable in order fluent would work? Other Fluent users on Linux can help?

Thank you in advance.

elbasharat April 23, 2010 18:43

yes friend.. its so simple..

you can easily set your environment and

you go to the fluent bin folder and you can run from there by this command


anways your ansys is working fine?

fivos April 24, 2010 03:00

Well I have fixed the issue with Fluent 12.1.

Now regarding your question about whether ansys is running fine :

I am primarily interested in CFD and I have found that both Fluent and CFX perform flawlessly. On the other hand I was never able to run ansys workbench.You see I am using Ubuntu 8.10 which is debian based (/bin/sh)
whereas scripts for the ansys workbench are for C shells (/bin/csh, at least I think so) so I have to translate all the scripts in order to get it working. Of course I cant do that, I know very few from bash scripting.

But anyway fluent and cfx are working as they should (and I think LS-DYNA too).

elbasharat April 24, 2010 09:55

dear friend. tell me about your license manager.

are there all services running like flexlm and others???

can you tell me

becoz i have also run fluent and cfx but i can not run ansys and workbench. due to my flexlm is not running........

any idea friend . i think its some with tcp ip port...

waht you think?

fivos April 24, 2010 12:48

Regarding the Flexlm :

ANSYS 12 uses a license manager, which includes Flexlm. You can find it at your ANSYS installation folder :
Go to :

and double click anslic_admin and run. The ansys license manager will open. At the left&down of the window you can see the status of your license manager. If you have a valid license file and select "Start the ANSYS Inc. License manager", then, after some seconds, you should see all components in the status window to be running. If any component is not running or if you get any error in the Session log window then probably something is wrong with your license and/or the License manager settings. In that case you wont be able to open any program of the workbench because it wont find the appropriate license.

If everything is running then you should be able to run normally the components for which you have a valid license.

I cant understand in your case why you can run Fluent or CFX and you cant run the other ANSYS programs. Maybe you dont have license for them?

elbasharat April 24, 2010 15:19

I have run fluent and even parallel... it works fine.

I know about license file. there is only error of tcp ip

that tcp ip port is running on 1055

and flexlm error is -97, ....

if i have license error or invalid license file. it will not be installed also . i mean initially when we install license file. it will not allow license file to be installed if it is invalid....

try to think about error


vendor daemon is down.......

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