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dfytanid April 14, 2010 14:38

Zero viscosity udf-fluid??
I run a simulation of 2D application using vof model and a udf for the viscosity but the fluid "acts" as a zero viscosity fluid. (flows very fast)
When i go to contours viscosity value is 0 for the second phase (which is the udf fluid).

Can anyone help me please?

The udf code is:
real mu_lam;
real strain_rate;
real to=80;
real mo=80; real m=1000;

strain_rate = C_STRAIN_RATE_MAG(c,t);
mu_lam = mo + to*(1-exp(-m*strain_rate))/strain_rate;
return mu_lam;

Thank you in advance.:)

(i post it here too, as udf questions it isnot the common practice sorry admin)

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