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Wieland April 16, 2010 04:10

definition lift and drag coefficient
I've read the Fluent manual which told me that force coefficients are defined as follows:

"In addition to the actual pressure, viscous, and total forces, the associated force coefficients are also computed for each of the selected wall zones, using the reference values (as described in this section in the separate User's Guide). The force coefficient is defined as force divided by 0.5*rho*v^2*A, where rho, v, and A are the density, velocity, and area."

In my setup I want to export the drag and lift force on one subdomain of the object in function of time (more precise: I want the forces on a mirror, whereas my mesh contains a mirror mounted on a plate).
With this thread I would like to make sure I just need to plot the drag/lift coefficients on the mirror and multiply these values with 0.5*rho_ref*v_ref^2*A_ref, so the area of the mirror shouldn't be used, right?

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