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Anonymized_JL1 April 16, 2010 23:17

Reversed flow in Vertical axis wind turbine
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I am working on my thesis that involves a 2D simulation of a Vertical axis wind turbine. I first made a rotating mesh surrounded by a stationary mesh in ICEM CFD and then applied periodicity in FLUENT. I got it rotating in Fluent but getting a reversed flow at the Pressure outlet. can anyone pls help me out with this problem? I tried to play with the backflow turbulent intensity and viscosity ratio but ended up with the same problem again.
The inner circle (Wind turbine with 3 airfoils) is Rotating at 1500 RPM counter-clockwise and outer rectangle is a stationary farfield. there are 2 zones Far_surface.1 (stationary zone) & rotor_surface.1 (rotating zone). operating pressure is set to be 1 atm.

I can even email my case/data file if somebody is interested to have a close look at the problem.

Thank you so much in advance

hansel August 25, 2010 17:30

You have probably solved your problem long ago, but I thought I would make a suggestion anyway. I do 2d VAWT simulations in openfoam and for a 1m diameter turbine, I have to make the wind tunnel 20m x 20m or back pressure in the tunnel really affects the results. I'm sjh7132 on YouTube if you want to see some of my work.

kid April 11, 2012 03:13


Seen your work on youtube. good work.
Are you still in touch with OpenFOAM?
Seek your suggestions on implimenting VAWT model for blades of 1 meter length.


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