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Jvincentrs4 April 21, 2010 10:53

New CFD User Needs Some Help
Hey everyone

Just want to say very cool site lots of great info.
I am really new to cfd and am looking for some help to speed my process along. I am in grad school for architecture at columbia university and our department just got ansys package including fluent we also have ensight.

Since it is so new really no one has used the software. I am looking for some help on setting up a simple wind tunnel to test the flow around my projects similar to how they test it for a car.

I have been doing some of the tutorials but am looking for something more specific. I already know how to mesh my objects. Just really unsure were to go from there. I don't need this to be overly complicated just enough to get going.

I also have some questions. Is ensight only for visualization or can you set up a cfd test in there. I have gone through the tutorials and they never explain how to set up the external flow field.

Please excuse my lack of knowledge. I really am interested in learning cfd and could just use some help.

Thanks, J

DoHander April 22, 2010 08:52

See Fluent tutorials and manuals, you should have an external flow example around an airfoil.


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