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Titasse April 21, 2010 16:40

Export streamlines from Fluent to Gambit

I would like to realize a meshing with the streamlines. So, I would like to know how can i export the streamlines from Fluent to Gambit.


jack1980 April 22, 2010 04:35


You can do the following for inviscid flow. It also works for, say, k-epsilon, however I'm not sure it would be correct in that case.

display > contours: velocity, stream function
this will show streamlines; adjust range and choose the value of stream function for the streamline you want

surface > iso-surface: velocity, streamfunction, from zones: fluid
enter the stream function value

plot > xy-plot: grid, y-coordinate, surfaces: the new iso-surface
now write this to a file

Finally, adjust the file header such that you can read it as icem input in gambit

Good luck!

Titasse April 22, 2010 11:15

Thank you for your help, I just have a last trouble. When I try to import the file to Gambit, I receive this message " Error : Error reading number of points per curve and number of curves". I do not know what I have to do. Maybe I make a mistake on the plot XY part.

jack1980 April 22, 2010 11:37

Hi, unfortunatly you will have to adjust the file and it's extension. To do so, open the file in a text editor. You will see some lines of text followed by an array of coordinates:

(title "Y-Coordinate")
(labels "Position" "Y-Coordinate")

((xy/key/label "stream-function-6")
-3 0.0488679
-2.8 0.0488681
-2.6 0.0488685

Replace the lines of text with the number of coordinates per streamline, followed by the number of streamlines:

3 1
-3 0.0488679 0
-2.8 0.0488681 0
-2.6 0.0488685 0

Here I have also added zeros for z-coordinate. This might be necessary for gambit, you'll have to try.

Finally, the file extension should be ".dat".

Now you can import it as icem in gambit.

I hope this is helpfull, it's a bit of a detour but it should do the job.

Hope it works, good luck!

Titasse April 22, 2010 11:59

That works !!! Thank you so much.

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