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Mrxlazuardin April 23, 2010 01:53

Fluent Parallel Processing

I'm new to parallel processing on Fluent. Currently I have 4 XP nodes as compute nodes (compute_0 to compute_3) beside the host node. All compute nodes have dual quad cores CPU.

1. Should I run Fluent on all compute nodes or just on host node and compute_0 node? I mean "fluent -t8 -cnf=hosts.txt" command line.

2. What is content of the host file on host node, compute_0 node and compute_1 until compute_3 nodes? On user guide, it seem that compute_0 is special node.

Best regards,

DoHander April 23, 2010 09:00

1 will work, host.txt can be stored only on your main computer and it must contain the IP addresses of your computers. If you have quad cores CPU put every IP's 4 times, for dual core only twice.


Mrxlazuardin April 28, 2010 07:36


What do you mean of main computer? Is it host node, compute_0 node or else? Can you give me some example of following items? Please use my hadware case for example.

* Content of host file (for each node if different)
* Location of host file
* Command line for each node
* Execution sequence of command line (node execution sequence)

Best regards,

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