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xavier_e April 23, 2010 05:20

Supersonic/Inlet Gauge Pressure
I am Xavier and i am new to fluent.I am currently using fluent for the analysis of nozzle.Where i am confused what to enter the value for supersonic/inlet gauge Pressure in boundary condition.I am currently using this tutorial for fluent analysis of nozzle.

leonardo.morita April 27, 2010 08:17

This is only a first guess for the static pressure and normally it should not affect your results, so you can use an arbitrary value. However a good guess can help with convergence issues...

xavier_e April 28, 2010 03:47

supersonic/inlet gauge pressure
Many people have said they same thing you did it is right for small pressure range(I think) .But when you go little higher say 12 bar then what ever value i am putting in supersonic/inlet gauge pressure either it gives floating point error or divergence detected.So i am guessing it is due to wrong value in supersonic/inlet gauge pressure.
Can you help me why this error?


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leonardo.morita April 28, 2010 04:01

hmm...honestly I've never done this kind of simulation, but I can suggest you to try a good initialization for your whole domain...and also to recheck all your boundary conditions
good luck

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