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brikksss April 25, 2010 13:07

Meaning of Boundary Types
I`m working with Gambit on a 3-D modelling, pratically a 3-D section of one blade of a rotor. I have just completed the mesh, and now I have to set the boundary types in order to export the geometry in Fluent.
Because I`m a novice user, I tried to find on the Gambit-Help information about the commands "TYPE" applicable to the components of the geometry, such as WALL, AXIS, INTERIOR, INTERNAL.....and I have seen that there are very poor informations, pratically it doesn`t say nothing about the feat of the commands.
I know that is very difficult explain my geometry in order to fix my problem, so I want to ask you if there is a guide/manual on the web or a paper that you can send me with detailed informations about the Boundary Types applicable.

I hope this thread will be useful for all the users who, like me, are looking for this kind of informations!

Best regards,

-mAx- April 26, 2010 01:08

Explanations about BC could be found in Fluent Users Guide

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