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Engr.Hala April 28, 2010 13:52

Udf help
Hi everybody
In my model i have two phase flow (vapor water carrying water droplets
) passing though a tube banks. I need to add UDF which describes the growth in the water droplet as a function of time and when it reaches a certain size it deletes.

I have wrote the following UDF
/*UDF that simulates deleting particles when particle diamaetr */
/*which is a function of time is greater than 1 mm */

#include "udf.h"


real pdiameter=C_PHASE_DIAMETER(c,t);

if (pdiameter >= 0.0001)

DIAMATER = pdiamater;

return DIAMETER;

I don't have C+ program installed on my machine is that necessary. When i am reading the UDF in FLUENT i am receiving the following : parse erro

Can anybody help please? It is urgent !!!!

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