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fivos April 30, 2010 12:50

Interpolation from one mesh to another
Hi to everyone,

I have created and solved a case on a specific mesh. Now I want to interpolate/map the fields of the solution to another mesh. The other mesh has exactly the same geometry / dimensions as the original (the one that has been used for the solution) but has a different number of nodes. I don't want to solve again from the begining the same case for the new mesh, so is there any way to map the fields from the original mesh to the other one and continue the solution from the mapped values?

I have tried to use the option from File -> Interpolate and write a data file from the solved case and then read and interpolate for the other mesh, but it didn't work. All fields have zero value.

I have opened the data file which is used for the interpolation. It indeed contains the field data (velocity pressure etc), but it does not contain the spatial coordinates X,Y,Z. How such a file could be used for interpolation?

I don't know if there is any other option that I need to use and as far as I have read the fluent manual, it does not provide any further information about that.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

mrestrepo30 May 2, 2010 15:42


I think the interpolation function can work for your problem, and if you open the .ip file, you are going to see that you have the data for all the variables (say X, Y, Z velocity) and the coordinates for all the nodes. If you plot the velocity vectors or contours of the interpolated mesh you'll see that you have non zero values.

So what I think it does is interpolate the velocity values into the nodes, but if you're using the C_U, C_V ans C_W function to get the velocity in the cell the value will be zero. I don't know how to sort this out because I'm having the same problem.

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