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Anorky May 1, 2010 12:10

Can Fluent handle a degenerate block? Error while reading mesh...
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Hi everyone,

I have a question concerning the grid requirements for fluent. I have a hexahedral mesh with one degenerate block (see figures) The elements behind the TE of the airfoil are one layer of prisms, followed by hexahedral elements.
I made this mesh in ICEMCFD. I also checked the mesh for errors, but ICEM CFD states all is ok. All the elements have a positive quality and no negative volumes are present.

I export the mesh to fluent to check whether problems occur.

But when i try to read the exported mesh into fluent it states: " a critical error has occured":

Error: read; face 3032007, zone 94
Reading faces: failed while reading section 13.
clearing partially read grid.

Error: Read aborted due to critical error.
Error Object: ( )

Could it be that fluent cannot handle the one layer of prism elements?
Or is this caused by another issue? Any help or hints are greatly appreciated!!!!


Anorky May 1, 2010 12:47

Hi everyone,

I just checked whether fluent can handle a degenerate block and it does...
I checked it by hand of a simple cube dived into 2 prism parts.
Fluent was able to read the mesh without problems.

Could anyone help me out why fluent can't read the other mesh of my post above?

Thanks for your help!

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