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Feitan May 5, 2010 09:25

particular omega residual behavior
is there anyone who can help me to understand this particular omega residual behavior? I’ve already seen it in other cases with the same geometry and I think this problem is somehow connected with the volume mesh. Omega residual suddenly goes to 7.9993e-01 even after 1200 iterations and it doesn't move from that value.
Let’s say that I’m analyzing a wing in a wind tunnel. I’ve chosen a k-w-SST viscous model with pressure inlet/outlet boundary conditions. The model normally has 5/6 million elements and the mesh is obtained using TGrid. I use FLUENT in parallel mode.
The main problem is: is the solution still valid or is it better to throw it away? How can I solve the problem? Thanks for the help.

I've just changed the URF from 0.8 (that is 7.9993e-01) to 0.001 and the omga residual is now 9.9991e-04. What does it mean?

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