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bilalmerei May 10, 2010 05:00

mesh, patch, adapt, time
good morning everyone.
i wanna share my little problems with you may be i can find a solution.
i am simulating an oil inject from a cappillary tube to a water chamber where the inlet velocity of oil = 0.02357m/s and the water is static.
the cappilary tube is 0.5 mm , so i did a mesh of 20 parts on this diameter to refine mesh at this zone and i refined the mesh near to the orifice of the cappilary tube.
i made as they made on the tutorial 17 VOF so i adapted region and then patch to the orifice.
i began my simulation , and want to see my results comparing to the experimental.
1_ the simulation took much much time.
2_ in 0.1 s i can see what they have in expeimental results in 2 seconds.

i am using VOF model and have defined parameters.
can anyone tell me if i have to refine the mesh or or?
thank you friends

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