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Titasse May 10, 2010 16:17

Transient Velocity Inlet for an airfoil !

I am trying to simulate the flow around an airfoil with an oscillating velocity inlet. I wanna keep constant the velocity's value (10m/s) but modify the angle of attack [-8deg ; 8deg]

I used the tutorial about the Transient Velocity Inlet Profile for Flow in a Tube (

So, i created two different files, one for the unsteady in x-direction and the other for the y-direction. The thing is, i can select only one file under Fluent.

If someone, would be able to help me.



skris2009 May 11, 2010 00:53

You need to read in 2 different vel profiles.
After doing this, when you set ur vel boundary condition, select 'components' and you can choose each of the vel profiles.
Hope this helps.

Titasse May 11, 2010 11:13

It is what i do, but i can compilate only one UDF file each time.
For exemple, i compilated the file in x-direction, i setted up in BC for x and after that i compilated the file in y-direction but my BC for x vanished.

Thank you for your help.


skris2009 May 12, 2010 11:06

I'm not too sure if what you are saying is right, coz I've complied multiple UDFs for a single case file.
Since you just need a velocity profile, instead of a UDF can you use read a profile file? (Read-> Profile) Coz this I know for sure works. See Fluent manual for the profile file format.
Hope this helps.

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