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skris2009 May 10, 2010 16:44

UDF for Viscoelastic Fow in Fluent
Hi All,

I'm trying to simulate flow of a highly shear thinningin Fluent. For this, I wrote a UDF to incorporate the Carreau-Yasuda model into Fluent.
However, for the second half of my masters thesis, I also need to evaluate the viscoelastic effects of the fluid. I would hate to go to Polyflow for this. (Partly coz I'm done with a major part of my thesis, and also coz I dont know Polyflow!)

Does anyone have a UDF for a viscoelastc fluid in Fluent? Maybe UCM model or PTT model? Any ideas will be appreciated. I have never written a complicated UDF before (I'm assuming this one is going to be complicated), so any help on this topic will be highly appreciated.

skris2009 May 12, 2010 01:03

35 views and no ideas yet!!!
I'm still looking for help, so if anyone has any ideas, I'm still open to suggestions and guidance. Thanks.

moisedion September 19, 2011 23:59

Can you share your procedure to model this shear thinning in FLUENT? I know that OpenFoam offers more option on shear thinning and viscoelastic modeling...

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