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harry May 11, 2010 01:56

Re FLuent Journal
Hi All,
I would appreciate your suggestion regarding how to run fluent journal step by step, just like that in gambit.

Best Regards,

joycj8 May 11, 2010 03:56

I also want to know how to do that.

-mAx- May 12, 2010 01:03

from the help:
; Read case file
rc example.cas
; Initialize the solution
; Calculate 50 iterations
it 50
; Write data file
wd example50.dat
; Calculate another 50 iterations
it 50
; Write another data file
wd example100.dat

This example file reads a case file example.cas, initializes the solution, and performs 100 iterations in two groups of 50, saving a new data file after each 50 iterations. The final line of the file terminates the session. Note that the example input file makes use of the standard aliases for reading and writing case and data files and for iterating. ( it is the alias for /solve/iterate, rc is the alias for /file/read-case, wd is the alias for /file/write-data, etc.) These predefined aliases allow you to execute commonly-used commands without entering the text menu in which they are found. In general, FLUENT assumes that input beginning with a / starts in the top-level text menu, so if you use any text commands for which aliases do not exist, you must be sure to type in the complete name of the command (e.g., /solve/initialize/initialize-flow). Note also that you can include comments in the file. As in the example above, comment lines must begin with a ; (semicolon).

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