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IvanCFD May 11, 2010 08:42

Activate Periodic Conditions

I am trying to solve a 3D case in Fluent which needs periodic boundary conditions.

Trying to set the periodic conditions in Gambit is a real pain because those boundaries are comprised of a lot of faces.

The thing is in Fluent the "Periodic Conditions" field under the "Define" menu is hidden (inactive) so, in principle I can't set any boundary as periodic.

However, someone told me that from the command line one can somehow activates this field and then have the periodic boundary condition option included on the list

I don't know the command for unhidding this periodic contidion option, so it would be really appreciated if someone could give some help.



matthewsun May 13, 2010 05:40

HI Ivan
first you can list the zones to to get the id of the them via grid->modify-zones->list-zones
then you can change the certain zones to periodic via grid->modify-zones->make-periodic, and follow the tips
Hope it will help
For further discussion,e-mail

IvanCFD May 13, 2010 06:34

Hi Matt,

thanks a lot. That is just what I tried and it gave me an error at the end of the process.

So I went back to Gambit and after wrestling a bit I managed to create the periodic conditions on Gambit.

I've got another question, I don't know if it is of easy solution:

I've got a square-section channel and I need that a portion of one of its lateral faces moves sideways, sinusoidally.

I just want to implement a boundary condition of moving wall that varies sinusoidally with time. In principle I don't need to make the grid deform because the oscillation of that portion of wall is just in-plane.

I've got already a UDF that implements the oscillating motion.

Any clue?

Thanks a lot again.


IvanCFD May 13, 2010 07:02

Hi again Matt.

I've found this:

it looks interesting (the SMM approach) but the thing is my oscillating wall is not the interface of anything but a border of the computational domain.

Any thought?



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