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kdrbrk May 11, 2010 10:24

Can I use Large Eddy Simulation like steady?
By setting time iteration to thousands, and time step to only one?
Does it give correct results?

I am asking this because I can only see horseshoe vortexes at the leading edge of a protruding airfoil with LES. K-e and k-w do not show this vortexes.


Chris D May 11, 2010 15:07

I'm not completely sure what you're asking, but you wouldn't have the steady state solution, you would only have the solution at one timestep.

kdrbrk June 7, 2010 17:08

the thing is, I can not see the horseshoe vortex in front of a protruding object from the wall except LES method. I think RANS methods do not show horseshoe vortex. that's why I asked this question. I want to see the vortexes which are in big scales.

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