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Rich1979 May 18, 2010 03:21

Missing Data
Hi all,
i have made a 100 steps iteration of an unsteady problem,writing the cd,cl and cm history files,which are saved in my folder.
Now i have restarted fluent,loaded the case and data,but when i go to solve-monitor-force and i select Drag,an error appears sayin "no data to plot".But my cd history file is in the folder,why fluent doesn't read it?
Another question is : i have to calculate cd,cl and cm for various incident angles.i have setted up the reference values,selected report-force and put the force vector (drag) and made print.So i have the total drag and the total momentum and i can calculate the drag and moment coefficients (have i to do it manually or fluent could make this?).But for Lift?It seems strange to me that Fluent reports only drag in the report-force and not the lift,since it is possibile to monitor them separately.
Thx for reading to all.

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