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emad May 21, 2010 04:25

Streamlines In 2D-Plane from 3D-geometry
Dear All

I have problem to plot streamlines in 3D recatanguler duct with facing-step.
And I would plot streamlies in specific 2D plane I do not know to plot this problem. many thanks for help me

aliabadi May 21, 2010 21:23

Streamlines in 2D and 3D
Hello Emad,

As far as I know, FLUENT only allows for plotting streamline in 2D simulations. One way to do a similar thing for 3D simulations is to plot "Particle Tracks". The way it works is that you allow some very small particles (that essentially act as fluid elements) to move in the flow and plott the trajectories over some finite time. The result would be similar to velocity streamlines in 2D simulations. Be careful, however, about the nature of your flow (transient or steady) so that you don't confuse steamlines, streaklines, and pathlines.

I hope this helps,
Amir Abbas Aliabadi

emad May 22, 2010 03:06

Dear Mr. Amir
Thany Thanks for reply my message, I would to plot streamlines in specific 2D-Plane but my work 3D simulation steady laminar flow in rectangular duct with step. If I choose "Display-Plathlines"' the plot not clear and not similar to streamline in 2D.
If take "Display - Particle Tracks" the Particle Tracks window not active the "display, pulse, track, axes..., and curves..." icons.

Many Thanks agains

eslamian March 15, 2013 18:03

Display particle track in 2D, while geometry is 3D
Hope someone can help me:

My geometry is 3D, but I would like to show injected particles in a 2-D plane rather than on the entire 3-D domain.

In the particle track window of Graphics, there is no option to let you display the particles in 2D. Instead it shows all particles in 3D.

Thanks in advance.

Morteza Eslamian

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