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Airone May 26, 2010 17:31

[Polyflow] interface between fluid and surface tension in 2D
I am trying to model the interface between two immiscible fluids in a 2D channel. I have been able to simulate the flow without surface tension but as soon as I add it, I can't finish my set up in Polyflow. In fact I found in the user's guide that we can't use an outflow boundary condition for the output. Then I am imposing, as they advise, the outflow velocity instead.
But it doesn't seem to work, since the "Boundary conditions on the moving surface" stays in bold after changing the outflow boundary condition. It wants me to impose either the angle or the position of the interface on my output. But it doesn't make any sense to do so since that's what I am interested to know.

Thank you for your help and your time,


purushotam85 June 18, 2010 14:37

Hello everyone.

I am very new to polyflow and trying to model a very basic flow. It is a flow through nozzle with VOF formulation. I have done this case with fluent (very easy) but I know nothing about polyflow. So any help on how to model or use polyflow is much appreciated.

Purushotam Kumar

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