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abhi8288 May 27, 2010 17:51

simulation of an air conditioned room using fluent and gambit
hi all...

I am doing thesis project in which i am required to simulate an air conditioned room using fluent and gambit.I need some help with the modelling and specification of boundary conditions part.I want to specify a mass flow inlet at a n can i do that apart from making the edge slant? also,i am trying to simulate human beings as a rectangular box with wall BC with certain heat flux specified but after the iterations it doesnt show any heated area near the device.any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

thank you..

kavitagangisetti June 21, 2010 11:53

I am also doing my thesis on similar topic.

1). You can specify the direction of your flow in mass flow inlet by giving - Direction vector in direction specification method. There you can select the coordinate system (Cartesian, cylindrical, spherical etc..) and then give the components accordingly.

2).If you have defined the heat flux surfaces (i.e persons or computers), then you should get respective temperature on the surface and heat should be carried away by fluid based on h. Make sure that energy equation in on and grid is refined near the surface.

Hope that helps,


abhi8288 June 21, 2010 15:01

hey kavita..thank you..i appreciate ur reply...i have another problem concerning my project..the thing is i want to model people inside the room...for that i have placed a rectangular box on the floor..i am doing a 2 d simulation.. i came across this post :

where he says that we need to model the human part as being solid continuum..i am stuck at the gambit part.. how do i mesh the 2 entities ? he asked to split the volumes .. so iam taking the room portion except the box as one face and the box as another face which is solid continnum..but when i imported it into fluent i saw even the box portion to be in fluid continuum..

kavitagangisetti June 23, 2010 02:39

If you want to separate the fluid zones, it should be done in the meshing stage itself....after importing you should be able to see two different zones in the boundary conditions panel in fluent.

By default , fluent take cell zones as "fluid" but you can always change the zone type to "solid" and specify the solid material in the materials panel.

RAVIKUMAR.TALAPATI September 16, 2010 02:12

Modelling, mesh generation and boundary conditions of human being in a classroom
I want to make a model of human being as I am doing simulation of air conditioning in class room....

S o can I get how to model, mesh and give heat generation for human beings..

Can I get any tutorials about this topic...

please mail to

Thanking you
Ravikumar talapati

chakri.raghavendra June 18, 2011 08:45

On a graph u draw the points and then use the co-ordinates to model it in GAMBIT.. it will be more easy if u model it in Pro- E or any other modeling tool..

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