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dharanishb May 28, 2010 23:23

Combustion Simulation in Multiple Slot Burner
I am trying to simulate combustion in an idealized multiple slot burner(2d,laminar,premixed,steady state) used in household boilers.I am sending methane+air(0.9776m/s) through 7 primary air slots and just air(0.0571m/s) through the secondary air slots.Upon ignition i am not getting the flame above the primary air slots as can be seen in the temperature contours.Boundary condition on both sides were given as "wall" and at the top as "pressure outlet".The dimensions of the domain is 124mm by 115mm.Width of the primary air slot is 3mm while that of secondary air is 12mm.I cannot seem to understand what i am doing wrong.Can someone PLEASE help me in finding the error.
Thanks in advance

j.eduardo March 2, 2014 14:30

Hey i'm doing something like that, but i have some problems with the domain. What is yours domain? I have a slot burner with two slots, the burner is 200X100mm

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