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FAU_OceanEng May 31, 2010 17:12

Meshing In Ansys Workbench For Fluent (Refinement)
Hello people more knowledgeable than I,

I am working on modeling fluid flow over a forward facing step in FLUENT. I need to be able to see whats going before and after the step in very high detail. Only data from around the step is relevant but in order to keep other boundaries from effecting the flow in this area the overall geometry is reletively very large.

I've been using sphere of influence to refine the mesh around the step. This only sort-of works because it refines the data inside the sphere but it creates this border of conflicting data at the edge of the sphere. I need to increase the sphere to include an area above the step where there is increased turbulent energy but everytime I increase it, it seems to push the data further up instead of including it.

Is there a different way to refine my mesh or is there an option in FLUENT that will make the data absolute and not dependent on the refinement level?

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