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Allan Walsh June 3, 2010 15:56

Fluent NOx model
Is anyone using the built-in Fluent NOx models? We had developed a simple NOx model for fuel NOx from burning biomass which was okay for fixed levels of excess air, but did not work well when excess air was varied.
Recently, I have looking at the built-in NOx models and comparing them with some laboratory data for NOx from a methane flame seeded with NH3 and data for a mixture of NO with NH3. I was not able to get any decent correlation with the lab data. Has anyone had good luck with these models?

bahramnourani June 21, 2013 05:06

Dear Walsh

I want to compute No concentration which release from biomass combustion.I use non premixed combustion model of Fluent.When I active fuel nox model the No concentration which is computed is zero.
Please help me to find No concentration.

Thank you

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