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boundarylayer June 5, 2010 02:29

Is it possible to have multiple velocity inlets in your model
Hi everyone,

I'm new to using Fluent and was wondering whether itís possible to have multiple velocity inlets. That is to include velocity inlets (mass sources) away from the outside boundary, see figure below.

Iím simulating a combustion chamber for my final year thesis and have used ICEM to create the mesh. I have used a pressure inlet for the air entering the combustion chamber and outlet on the opposite side. All other curves on the outside boundary are having a wall boundary layer applied to them. I have 2 fuel lines which are have circular cross section which are located inside the combustion chamber domain. These have been into 4 curves. At the top and bottom holes are present where the fuel enters from. I have created a curve at the top and bottom where the curve is the diameter of the fuel nozzle. I have applied a velocity inlet on these cures and have applied a wall boundary condition o the rest of the curves making up the fuel, circulars in the figure below. The problem is that when I import it into Fluent the curves making up the fuel merge and are no longer split and appear as a continuous circle. I initially thought of just defining an injector but i couldnít get any flow coming out which was apparent when I looked at the velocity fields and think it will be very difficult to simulate it in this manner as well as require a lot of computer power to simulate combustion.

Thanks for any help in advance!

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