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rahulangal June 6, 2010 11:40

fluid zone in mixing & transport reaction model
i want to create fluid zones in mixing & transport reaction model... I have to solve transient simulation the mixing of two non reacting gas mixing, in which initially container contains two type of gasses let G1 & G2, G1 is 10% at bottom & G2 is remaining above it & i have to study the mixing of G1 in to G2 by gravity for that purpose ,
i made one fluid zone & then i marked part of fluid zone from it & patched it for one gas with mass fraction 1 but it didn't work even it won't show the registered zone in patch list... also i tried by making two fluid zones in meshing software it self but i couldn't give the BC in fluent for the zones...

can any body plz help me two solve the problem?? or any other mode to solve this or any similar kind of tutorial for it other than available in fluent help.. plz help me...

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