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MASOUD June 7, 2010 23:34

Specious transport (mixture definition problem)
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As per as the attached file, the geometry is a FuelCell consisting of 5 different zones.

The picture shows the 2 inlet and 2 outlet boundary condition with the composition info (obviously 3 specious will exist in zone-1 and 2 specious will exist in zone-5).

Here is the problem:

I have to define the MIXTURE for the species transport model, but how many MIXTURE???

Actually I set up just one MIXTURE including all specious in the whole geometry (H2, H2O, CO2, O2) and defined the mole fraction for each species at the inlet boundaries. For example mole fraction=0 for H2 at zone 5 which should lead to zero-mole fraction at zone-5 for H2. But I came across the results showing a non-zero mole fraction for H2 in zone-5!!!!

So I thought maybe I have define 2 different MIXTURES instead of just one.

Any idea???

Many thanks,

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