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mireis June 10, 2010 04:41

Inlet but not outlet

I'm starting with FLUENT. I have a simple model: an enclosure with an inlet and an outlet. I use compressible Xenon as fluid and I would like to find the pressure at the outlet giving some conditions at the inlet. As if I impose in Gambit that the outlet is 'pressure_outlet' FLUENT obliges me to specify a pressure there and as I work with compressible fluids I cannot use the 'outflow' boundary condition... Should I impose that my outlet is an 'interface'? Or... is there any way in FLUENT to modelize this kind of problems entering only the conditions at the inlet? I don't want to impose any condition at the outlet.


jans June 10, 2010 10:56

Isn't the "pressure drop" the important quantity (especially if your flow is incompressible or almost so)? In that case you can have a velocity inlet and a pressure outlet, and set the pr at the pr outlet to zero (just a reference pr), and after simlulation note the pr at the vel inlet.

Hope that helps

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