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cheaklapomme June 14, 2010 10:45

Dynamic mesh for 3D artery simulation

I'm a french student, doing an internship in Berlin (Germany)... My aim is the feasibility of CFD simulation in Heart diseases.

To do that, I'm doing simulation with Fluent with MRI Geometry, so I'm dealing with real geometry, total unstructured.

What I want to do is moving my wall artery to show the elasticity.
For an easy artery (a cylinder in x direction) I'm able to show a pulsatile movement, when I try it with real geometry, I'm always having "negative volume" problem...

I'm using an UDF DEFINE_GRID_MOTION, I've tried to increase the smoothing, to decrease the time step, but at the end it's always the same, at the first iteration I've this problem...

I thank all of you in advance,

Best regards,


meb July 2, 2010 21:06

RBF Morph
This problem can be faced using the add on for Fluent RBF Morph.

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