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KamilSobczak June 16, 2010 09:28

Combustion with heat transfer and cooling

I have question:

Is it possible to model methane/oxygen combustion (chemkin, pdf model) in a chamber and in the same time heat transfer to cooling fluid(incompressible, constant density) in outer channel in pressure based solver?
- species transport allows only one mixture (spark ignition is important), so after I import chemkin mechanism with reations and methane-liquid database I must add this fluid to the mixture and separation beetwen compressible gases and incompressible fluid isn't achieved.
- pdf model - calculates combustion from all species so maybe I can model incompressible coolant by secondary stream? But look-in tables are calculated after the species input:confused:
- vof model not allows combustion:mad:
- I don't know but maybe multiphase eulerian model is correct for my problem. Can I describe one phase like chemkin mixture and second one like liquid methane? But what will be interaction between phases?

Maybe some procedure exists in density based solver?

Any help and advice I will check if only you could give me some ideas:)

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