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tomcat June 24, 2010 15:18

Urgent Help needed KwSST y+=1

I am urgently in need of assistance to get my 2D blade running in Fluent. I have easily managed to get convergence with a higher value of Y+ , but I am required to use a Y+= 0.5 or Y=1 maximum, because of the KWSST. im using a tripave mesh same as before and the first row is 0.0021mm in Gambit.
can anyone tell me why im not getting even when I've lowered the under relaxation factors (all of them).

Thank you in advance

thecfduser June 29, 2010 21:39

i want to help u, but i am not sure that i understood ure problem:

u did a first simulation, u have see that ure y+ is bad , so u refined the mesh and u did another simulation, and u get a bad y+ too????

what does the under-relaxation factor have to do with all this?

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