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qwerty753 June 28, 2010 16:02

Export Tetramesh from Hypermesh to Fluent
I'm trying to export a 3d-tetra mesh from Hypermesh to Fluent.
I read some infos on altair guide.
I tried to create a collector for any surface that i want so read lonely in fluent for BC.
I exported in .nas.
Fluent read the mesh, but i couldnt see every BC alone. Fluent read every external surface like a only one. So cant assing the BC i need.
How can i effort to this problem?
Thanks by now

sononima July 29, 2010 01:18

trying exporting from hypermesh to gambit, then from gambit to fluent.
keep only faces and 3d mesh while exporting from hypermesh.
good luck

Sama November 22, 2012 14:56

Try to export in long format rather than standard format of Nastran file

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