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Andrew June 29, 2010 00:24

Open ANSYS12.0 Workbench Project on another computer
Hi Everyone,

My company has upgraded to ANSYS12.0. I am running Fluent 12 through the workbench setup.

When I save the project and copy the files to another computer, I cannot open the current project. It seems that it cannot find the data file.

I think the error has to do with the extension folder. For example, I saved the project on D: on one computer. Now I copied the files to another computer on C:. But when I try to open the project, it is looking for D: extension.

Does anyone know how to solve this?



bob12 June 30, 2010 03:16

i use workbench Ansys 12 and i resolve the problem exported the file cas and data on fluent without project.
that is on fluent i save the file cas and data in a folder then i copy this file and work with another computer.

Andrew July 6, 2010 00:20

Hi bob12,

Thanks for your help. That is a good idea and worked well.

I think it is important to remember to export the case/data files in fluent before saving the project in workbench, so it can open on other computers.



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