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nchuche June 29, 2010 02:25

Control dynamic mesh with different length unit by UDF
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Please read the word file. My zip file is too big. If you are interested in my problem, please let me know your e-mail. I will send my zip file to you, and I also will send the soultion suggestions to you if my problem is solved. Thank you very much.

PSYMN June 29, 2010 10:33

Uncovered faces
I am responding because Chung-Hao called me out, but I am not an expert with UDF's. Perhaps someone else could help also.

Basically Chung-Hao has a UDF that works with meters, but fails if he generates the model in mm.

I haven't actually seen the UDF, but my first thought is that ICEM CFD doesn't care about units. It doesn't care if the geometry is 10 meters or 10 mm, it just sees it as 10 meters. However, once you output to the solver, the units mater a lot! Perhaps his udf isn't handing the units correctly at all and he should either add a conversion or scale the mesh by 1/1000 before he outputs it to Fluent.

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