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alxasli July 1, 2010 17:25

Deforming wall problem
Hi everybody,
in my project there is deforming wall, which is just elongating line, at one end fixed to stationary wall and to a moving wall at another end. if I mesh this deforming edge in gambit with 5 nodes when I run Mesh motion in fluent those 5 nodes on deforming wall wont move, they stay fixed where they are. only the last cell between 4th and 5th node deforms. if I make a very coarse mesh so that deforming edge is meshed with only one cell every thing goes ok. they I made an adaptation on this coarse mesh so that there are 4 nodes on deforming wall, then wall deformed as it should, like a spring, all the nodes moving. but this time mesh on the rest of the geometry was degenerate because adaptation was made on a very coarse mesh and it gave negative volume.
it is quad pave mesh. geometry option for deforming wall is faceted. I tried spring, laplace smoothing, with 100 iterations, played with spring factor and boundary relaxation factor.
if you know what I am doing wrong or can make any guess on how to solve this problem please help.
thank you

alxasli July 2, 2010 11:29

Ive solved this problem :) if anyone is interested Ill explain how

orie January 10, 2011 07:11

I will be very intrested to know how...

alxasli January 10, 2011 07:22

by default, spring is turned off for quad mesh ! you have to turn it on from text user interface. after turning on dynamic mesh, from text interface:
de/mo/dmc/sp/soas enter
then type yes

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