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Hari Prasad July 4, 2010 09:38

Deforming mesh in fluent

My problem is as follows. A deformable container with a minute opening contains fluid. When the walls are compressed the fluid should be forced through the opening. Suggest me suitable methods involving deforming meshes and using user defined functions for the same using Fluent.

jemyungcha July 4, 2010 20:45

I think deformable problem can be solved with dynamic mesh module in fluent.
and I have a presentation material including introduction and tutorial.
Let me know your email address. I can send pdf file to you.

Hari Prasad July 5, 2010 13:54

Thanks a lot Jemyungcha. My e mail:

roryhelto September 27, 2010 10:47

i need too
please send to my email

Trev September 27, 2010 11:13

Depends on the geometry of the container. For example if it is a cylinder like a can you could apply a sinusoidal deforming profile along the cylinder walls like crushing the can in your hand for which I would say take a look at the 2D tutorial which has a flexible oscillating membrane from which you can adapt the UDF to 3D. Or if it is being deformed axially like treading on the can with your foot take a look at the 3D tutorial for the in-cylinder model which describes piston movement. Most likely whatever you are doing you will need to be using a tetrahedral mesh using the spring analogy and smoothing but you will get a better idea if you have a look at the afore mentioned tutorials.


neilduffy1024 December 7, 2010 14:58


Jemyungcha and Trev, would you both be able to send me the files you mentioned. I have Fluent 12 and the deformation tutorial covers rigid body motion only - the users guide isn't much better. Much appreciated.


lehoang_mai December 7, 2010 19:34

Hello guys! Can you send files me too. My e-mail:

teguhtf December 8, 2010 03:15

Send me plz,, :)

hamid1 December 9, 2010 19:50

would you send it to me as well, will be very interesting for me,

hung April 5, 2011 18:20

Could you please upload it to mediafile or somewhere.
so every one can download it.

tumble April 6, 2011 13:53

Hi Jemyungcha
would you send it to me as well, will be very interesting for me,

LXH029803 May 1, 2011 23:45

LXH029803@YAHOO.COM.CN thank YOU

michalRS May 15, 2012 06:40

I'm joining the request for tutorial/introduction files for deforming mesh. If anyone can shed some light on this problem it will be a great help.
Thank you

jinks June 26, 2012 11:20

Deforming mesh in FLUENT
I have an oscillating fin in FLUENT. It keeps giving me a negative volume error.
1. In the computational setup, the fin is assigned the UDF for oscillation and I have set the default interior as a dynamic deforming mesh. Is this correct?

2. Remeshing and smoothing have been used, with a spring constant factor of 0.5 for the fin faces and the default interior. Apart from these, should any other faces be remeshed?

Thank you.

michalRS June 27, 2012 02:06

I had a similar solution. It was solved when I changed the smoothing scheme to "diffusion" (0.9).
you can also try using a smaller time step.

jinks June 28, 2012 22:47

Thanks, but the problem was solved. I shud not have used default interior for deforming, rather its the domain name.
Thanks anyway. :)

lalula2 June 29, 2012 02:23

Can you send me the pdf file too?
My email is

tmeysam92 June 30, 2012 11:48

Hi all,

i,m working on dynamic mesh.

please send me the same file to me please!!!!

michalRS July 1, 2012 02:19

I don't think the file really exists. I found the UDF manual pretty helpful (I took the example they used for deforming mesh, and changed it according to my needs). good luck

jinks July 1, 2012 13:09

For those of you looking for the pdf file for User Defined Functions here is the link...

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