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jemyungcha July 8, 2010 03:43

Fluent v6.3.26 better than Ansys v12.1
Test case
# of mesh : 350k
turbulence : LES

Intel i5-750 2.66GHz
parallel in local computer (4core used)

I tested above case file by using both Fluent v6.3.26 and Ansys v12.1.

Result in Fluent v6.3.26 is 1.7x faste than Ansys v12.1.

At first I didn't believe that because benchmark test in Ansys webpage is that absolutely Ansys v12.1 is better than v6.3.26.

But some cases showed me it is not.
(And in this forum there's somewhat similar case like me.)

You guys have a experience like this result?

herntan July 8, 2010 07:37

I have issue of divergence on 12.1 which converge on 6.3.
Try to get the latest update of the software.. it so solve my problem so far.

jorkolino August 24, 2012 23:10

It is by far not the only point in which Fluent 6.3 is superior to Ansys x.x, it is also much more stable and reliable. I've only had crashes once with FLuent when loading one of my more complicated UDFs. By far, I have tens and tens of crashes with Ansys even during runs. And when it crashes, it does so bad. Often you gotta kill process by task manager. Reading here and there I diagnozed the problem to be that the embedded graphics should be ON, but it is quite inconvenient cause you have no full control on the graph window but that does not solve all issues either.
Not to mention the tricks needed to compile with VS 2010 by having each time to run Ansys within shell prompt of VS so it registers its variables and nowhere is this procedure described, so users lose hours and hours of their time to figure out why something working out of the box (Fluent 6.3 & VS6.0 under XP) should not anymore.

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