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slip July 8, 2010 18:45

Flow past 2 smooth circular cylinder

I am trying to simulate the flow past 2 smooth circular cylinder at Re=5.10^5. The diameter of the cylinder is 0.2 m.
I'm using the k-e turbulent model and a transient formulation.
For the specification method I put the turbulent length scale at 0.0225 and the turbulence intensity at 0.8 as recommended in a publication for the flow past one smooth cylinder. (length scale/D=0.0045)

Nevertheless when I look at the results for the Y-velocity, for the vorticity magnitude or the static pressure I don' t see any eddies. It looks like the flow just started to pass over the 2 cylinders. But I launched the simulation up to 200 seconds.

My time step is ok, my mesh is ok, my Y+ are comprised between 30 and 300.

For the solution method I put 2nd order for the momentum, turbulent kinetic energy and turbulent dissipation rate.

That's why I guess there was a problem in the input parameters. I'm going to launch some simulation with a turbulent length scale smaller and see whether it is the problem or not.

I precise that those parameters work with a single circular cylinder.

Could you please give me some advices to help me to understand my mistake ?

Best regards,


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