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sgelman July 14, 2010 14:27

DPM Conservation Equations Help
I am having trouble digging through the momentum equation for the Eulerian DPM model, and a couple of other associated details about the dense discrete phase model...

On page 16-79 of the FLUENT 12.0 Theory Guide, the conservation equations are listed for the DPM model. Are phases p and q referring to non-DPM (regular eulerian) phases while only terms with 'DPM' refer to contributions from the discrete phase?

I get that the conservation equations aren't solved for the discrete phase (instead it is done with the Lagrangian tracking solution). I'm just trying to figure out what momentum exchange terms are correlating to what phases (seems like the p-q summation term is referring to only regular Eulerian phases while the bottom DPM term is the exchange from the particles to the primary eulerian phase...).

On a related note, can I write a UDF for mass transfer from a primary phase to the dense discrete phase, which uses temperature as a dependent variable? I see that I can't do 'solidification/melting', or species exchange, but what about mass exchange (writing my own pseudo solidification/melting UDF)?

Thank you for any help/suggestions on where to look for clarification!

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