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dokeun July 19, 2010 05:22

Injection definition

I'd like to repeat the water jet simulation done by Jiangfeng Wang(

flow region is 152(y)x127(z)x600(x)mm
inlet flow is air(M=1.94, P=29000Pa, T=304.1K) form x=0 to normal direction.
Injection condition described in this paper is as follows

injection position : x=139mm, y=76mm, z=0mm
nozzle diameter : 0.5mm
mass flow rate : 0.02kg/s
temperature : 298.15K
initial velocity : 40m/s(to z-direction)
initial radius of water droplet : 0.5um

All most all parameter can be defined in the injection point properties but, I have no idea how to define the injection nozzle diameter in fluent.

Thank you for your kindness in advance

dokeun July 19, 2010 09:07

using cone injection
I think I may find a way partially to defining the water injection for the problem

Water is injected from a nozzle which has 0.5\mum for its diameter.

So it may be simulated solid-cone injection in which has zero cone angle(\Phi=0) and r=0.25\mum

I wonder if I get a right way of..

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