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sgelman July 21, 2010 14:19

Dense DPM Injection Help (basic sedimentation)
Hello all,

I am trying to make a very basic sedimentation model to learn how to use the dense DPM (Eulerian model). I'd like to have an initial condition of a populated domain with a background fluid, and a fairly dense volume fraction of particles (30%). It seems if one is using the DPM, you must create 'injections' to add particles to your model.

I have created a 'surface' injection, and have used the plane tool to make a finer plane surface to add a bunch of particles... I have also experimented a little with the file injection, though I think it only reads the first line of a file (and so only injected one parcel of particles)?

How can I initially populate my domain with a large number of particles, relatively evenly distributed? If injection is the only way to go, how do you get the pressure to stay constant while injecting so much material?

Thanks in advance!

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