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Lovermore July 21, 2010 16:14

Patching with TUI
Lately, I've been doing a lot of Fluent scripting using TUI commands in journal files. In general, I first learn about commands and their options by executing them interactively with the TUI. Once I understand the command and arguments and the order they must appear, I construct journal files with a simple text editor. For example, a simple journal file might look like:


(I realize these entries can be placed on one line. I tend to put them on separate lines until I fully understand the ordering. Then I collapse them.)

Today I am trying to create journal files with TUI commands to initialize portions of my domain with the patch command. Specifically, I want to patch certain registers that have previously created with another journal file. Here’s what I’ve got so far when I explore the patch command interactively:


Then I hit enter to see what the first argument is. The first argument is “Domain” and my options are “air” and “mixture” (it’s a two-phase problem). (I find this confusing because these options are related to phase and not domains. The GUI panel has them under the Phase pull down menu, as expected. But whatever.) I select “mixture” and proceed. The next argument is:

cell zone id/name(1) [()]

What do I do here if I do not want to patch an entire domain? I’ve been just hitting enter, assuming that doesn’t select any specific zone. Is this correct? If not, how do I not choose any zones. The next options are the register options, and they appear as follows (I have 5 registers defined):

register id/names (1) [0]
register id/names (2) [1]
register id/names (3) [2]
register id/names (4) [3]
register id/names (5) [4]
register id/names (6) [()]

This is where I get stuck. I’m assuming this is where I choose which register I want to patch, but what information is expected for each entry? Register ID? Register name? No matter what I do, I’m always prompted with all six lines above, even if I enter a valid register ID after the first prompt. How do I specify just one register and proceed? Sometimes, when I think I’ve entered things correctly (including hitting enter after the zone id prompt), the patch initialization occurs for the entire domain, not the desired register.

Any insight anybody might have would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I'm using Fluent 6.3.26, but I don't think it's any different with Fluent 12.x.


mas July 22, 2010 22:28

Here is one example for marking a sphere of 5mm radius at 3D coordinate 1,2,3 and patching 1500K temperature to it.

/adapt/mark-inout-sphere yes no 1 2 3 5
/solve/patch () 0 () temp 1500

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