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spring August 2, 2010 08:23

segmentation violation: define on demand
Hey guys,

I have a problem with reading data into a variable with a define_on_demand UDF. The error message that I get when I try to "execute it on demand" is the following one:
================================================== ============================
Stack backtrace generated for process id 26263 on signal 1 :
Check the file fluenterror.log for details.
Please include this information with any bug report you file on this issue!
================================================== ============================
Error: fluent.12.1.2 received a fatal signal (SEGMENTATION VIOLATION).
Error Object: #f

In an another thread with nearly the same problem I read, that the problem was solved by increasing the variable where the values should be saved. So when I did the same it worked, then the next day it didn't work then it worked and after that it didn't work, didn't work, didn't work......I am really confused because I didn't change anything in my UDF. It seems that Fluent is acting very arbitrarily. Does anybody of you understand the error message and can tell me what it means.

Thanx in advance!

mila_oliv July 27, 2012 13:37

hey Spring,

by this time you've already solved your problem, i imagine....
I'm receiving this message too, can you tell me where was this information that helped you once?


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